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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Chair of Polymer materials for electrochemical storage – Univ. Prof. Dr. André Gröschel

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Wiese mit Windrädern, Solarmodulen und Energiespeichern
Credit BayBatt

Welcome to the Gröschel Group

Research in the Gröschel Group focuses primarily on the synthesis and characterization of functional polymers, polymer architectures, and polymer nanostructures. For synthesis, we employ a variety of advanced polymerization techniques while nanostructures are prepared with special protocols and equipment in bulk, confinement, and solution. The final materials typically exhibit multiple domains and often exhibit structural features on multiple length scales. They are either microphase-separated polymers, ionic complexes, polymer/inorganic hybrids, or composites. We analyze these materials with modern analytical methods including cryo-TEM and electron tomography, and we investigate their application for templating, catalysis, and energy storage.

Amongst the many uses of polymers, they also play an essential role in battery systems, they enhance safety and lifetime, reduce weight, and alleviate recycling. As part of the Bavarian Centre for Battery Technology (BayBatt), we put special emphasis on the design of polymer materials for next gen electrochemical energy storage. We synthesize solid polymer electrolytes (and composites) with reduced flammability while exhibiting enhanced mechanical properties. We equip electrode materials and conductive additives with highly defined pore systems to improve transport, and we develop redox-active polymers as active electrode materials.

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