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Chair of Polymer materials for electrochemical storage – Univ. Prof. Dr. André Gröschel

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Templating and Hybrids

Metallic Replica

BCPs spontaneously form defined nanostructures in bulk and solution. The shape and dimension of the compartments can be tuned precisely in the range of 10-100 nm. Just like organic scaffolds direct the formation of complex inorganic skeletons through biomineralization in nature (e.g., bones, silica sponges), we design block copolymer nanostructures as scaffolds to template inorganic materials. The soft nature of block copolymers allows for curved interfaces that direct the growth of inorganic nanostructures with unusual shapes and interconnectivity. ABC triblock terpolymers form a rich variety of complex nanostructures that we explore as geometrically precise scaffolds for the formation of multimetallic materials and as heterogeneous catalysts. The catalytic fibers were used to upgrade filtrations membranes with chemical purification properties.

Figure: © ACS 2020

see e.g. Tjaberings S, Heidelmann M, Tjaberings A, Steinhaus A, Franzka S, Walkenfort B, Gröschel AH., ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2020, 12, 39586-39594. doi: 10.1021/acsami.0c10385.

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